Total Team Development

Ice Hockey Premier Team Development
Resident Program

Since 2016, Total Team Development, LLC has been providing team development experiences to prep school boys'’ ice hockey teams. The unique Total Team Development (TTD) model blends sport-specific individual and team skill development with general athletic, sport psychology and leadership development. In the TTD Premier Program, athletes gain an understanding of how to build a successful team and the importance of developing teammate skills. Get your team on board this summer for superior team development on and off the ice!

2020 Dates at Saint Anselm College

  • Boys Hockey Prep/High School: Session 1 – July 6-9, 2020
  • Boys Hockey Prep/High School: Session 2 – July 9-12, 2020

2020 Dates at UMass Amherst

  • Girls Hockey – August 5-8, 2020
  • Boys Hockey Junior Boarding School – August 6-9, 2020
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Program Objectives

  • To support the integration of new team members and enhance relationships of all team members.
  • To support the integration of new team members and enhance relationships of all team members.
  • To provide environment for "teammate" skill development and exposure to team concepts to be utilized for a lifetime.
  • To provide team development opportunities through an immersion with teammates for four (4) days conducting off-ice and on-ice activities focused on evolution of team culture.
  • To offer athletes high-level team development skill building guided by professional Sport Psychologist.
  • To provide environment for player sport-specific skill development. Working to improve, not being scouted or under showcase pressure.
  • To offer athletes high-level skills coaching from professional sport skills and player development coaches.
  • To focus team members on team needs and goals for the coming season and how they will personally contribute.
  • To support athletes off-ice with a program that highlights stretching, nutrition and recovery provided by NCAA strength and conditioning coach.
  • To expand all team members' understanding of leadership opportunities beyond team captain role to enhance, motivate and support the team.
  • To provide athletes with activities to prepare themselves for team season in November.

Team and Individual
Development Features

  • Sport science and training curriculum developed by Ty Hennes, Pittsburgh Penguins Skating and Skills Development Coach.
  • Sport-specific training lead by NHL coaches, NCAA college head coaches, and/or National Team players (coaching staff varies by program).
  • Sport psychology and team building lead by Dr. Jason Emery.
  • Team Assessments for each team at each training activity throughout camp.
  • Peer evaluation to provide athletes with anonymous feedback to aid them in their self-awareness and development.
  • Coaches Development Track which will allow you and/or members of your coaching staff to interact with and discuss topics of interest to you with staff members of our Total Team Development program.
  • Beginning-of-season refresher and update discussion based on summer team development learning.