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An Athlete's Reflections on TTD:

More Athletes:

"I think this was a great camp for our team to grow. We have a lot of new kids and it was great for them to meet the returners and feel comfortable."

"Skill coach was unreal. Great experience all around, including Doc Emery."


"During the team program, my son benefited from connecting with his new teammates and establishing relationships with peers from other schools."

"The Ty Hennes Skills Camp had great staff. Very attentive and caring. Girls can't wait to do it again."

"Coach Ty's camp was not just an overload of drills and instruction. Perfect balance of both!"

"My son enjoyed the TTD camp very much and can't wait for next year...He also was very happy with the development program. Thank you for having us!"

"The Delaney Hockey Skills Camp was fantastic. One suggestion would be to offer more weeks. I would love to see my son do this camp multiple times this summer. Thank you for challenging my son and teaching him the importance and value of concentration—not just flying through the drill. Your staff made him want to keep trying. The drills were unparallel to anything our local program can offer. The exposure was priceless. Please offer more Delaney camps in the CT area!!!!"